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  • RT @RIHANNA0VERD0SE: #FENTYxPUMA Rihanna cuts the ribbon at Bergdorf Goodman | 🎥: me
  • RT @RIHANNA0VERD0SE: #FENTYxPUMA Bergdorf Goodman 📷: me
  • One of the photos I took at the Bergdorf launch... looks even better in color 😍
  • At the Fenty x Puma launch at Bergdorfs Leandra was my bodyguard 🤣 she grabbed my hand and pushed thru errybody yelling “EXCUSE ME LET US THROUGH THIS IS RIHANNA’S PHOTOGRAPHER” 🔥🔥 sis came thru clutch getting me thru the crowd.
  • I literally have hundreds of photos in my hard drive from doing photography at ANTI tour lol Im sure I will find a use for them soon's Twitter Friends's Twitter Followers