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  • swifties really became insufferable. from victimizing taylor to spreading lies that she had it worst in the music industry. pleaseee she had all the privilege in the world. she was slut shamed but so was every other pop girl
  • you did NOT just say rihanna had it easier than taylor swift. rihanna was 15 when she left her home and went to new york to audition. even if she had label she almost got dropped after scoring multiple hits. taylor didn't feel it on her skin until her mAsTerS got taken away. stfu
  • omg rihanna went live?? how come I didn't get a notification 😭😭
  • @despurrado that middle finger video is unprofessional yeah, but homecoming deserved to win something so I get a their frustration... and this is coming from ME
  • @despurrado I think cameraman sharing his story is actually not that bad tho. I mean he did a good job

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