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  • #RicOcasek RIP #TheCars Best 1st Album Ever
  • 🙏thank you Nicole for your amazing work on behalf of all of us @sandyhook @BarackObama @ObamaFoundation
  • RT @NicoleHockley: I will never forget and always be grateful for the kindness and grace President Obama showed our family, that first time…
  • Watching @PeteButtigieg w @GStephanopoulos Really fantastic conversation: One of the few candidates to succinctly speak on healthcare, foreign policy & the economy 👋(& glad he didn’t take Trump-bait).
  • You can’t make this up #CrowdSize v #EltonJohn “Mr. Trump repeatedly asked aides if his victory over Mr. John was capturing headlines. It wasn’t.” @maggieNYT

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