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  • @takapodigs Dr. Digby. One of our writers would love to speak with you about the kākāpō baby boom. Would you mind sending me your contact information at saeed.ahmed(at)
  • I hadn’t heard this saying until I read it in @petersagal “The Incomplete Book of Running”: “Those who can’t play sports, run. Those who can’t run, run long.” 👈🏾 That is so me!
  • Hey all, "5 Things," our little newsletter that could, is up for a Webby. We would love it if you vote it as Best Email Newsletter (because it is!). It takes all of 10 seconds, for real. Please do it and tell your friends.
  • It’s a show inside a cave with actual bats hanging out. It was a taping of #BluegrassUnderground @thecaverns with the enviable lineup of Amanda Shires, Josh Ritter and Glen Hansard. Most definitely the best concert experience I’ve had so far.
  • Let sleeping dogs lie. Especially after they’re all tuckered out from an afternoon run 🏃🏾‍♂️🐕

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