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  • This is sheer poetry from @scottieandreww . Gobble gobble y’all #Thanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving #Turkey
  • Holiday movies are like Christmas cookies for your eyeballs. And this year, @ItsAJWillingham and @LJDigital have put together something special for your annual holiday movie bender: Bingo cards! Enjoy and know that you’re most definitely going to win.
  • Always wanted to see what would happen if we pitted @ItsAJWillingham and Delaney Strunk -- the two funniest people at CNN Digital -- against each other. This happened!
  • @adviserdavid I’m looking for Spring interns now
  • All thanks, of course, goes to @ItsAJWillingham ; @KrupaMichelle and @FaithMKarimi (and we can’t forget, @newsmandoug who recently left)

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