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  • RT @sarahfrier: Still thinking about this story, especially Facebook using the location data it gathers to find actual individuals and take…
  • *turns on mic and camera privileges* *makes plans with friends over FB Messenger call* *turns off mic and camera privileges*
  • RT @oliviasolon: the creepiest part of the BOLO story is that FB used the same surveillance system to spy on interns who were pretending to…
  • Reminder: If you are a current or former Facebook employee and want to chat with me about the company, you can reach me via Twitter DM, at my cell or Signal at 281-409-3516 or at my email
  • FB is not alone in using a BOLO list. Many companies have this security measure. However, FB is unique in that it mines its own data to detect and monitor users it believes are credible threats

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