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  • @Brici161 @Buddythereddog @Palmolive_S_Pan @WalkandWatch @NorahNell @GroverTdog @fairhope71 @tweetypie54 @DaisyTheDog2 @3coolkatz @parham1961 @LilyLuWhoT @tc1242000 @dame_agnes @AngelSaylor0517 @3phibotticelli @PeaceCritterz @gigglingr @jschwartz71 @cagans76 @torrytonks @peemail @AnneTow97334829 @Bea_Bells @MoetBlindCat @yoshineale @StimpyDixie @LittleMaineCoon @JeffyTheCat @SassyCassyCat @WylieSheltie @DavidWilding271 @timhoyt14 @noirkittymews @luvpug25 @iggiesrule89 @ToddyFur @7trekky @bunniemommie @casalindi @vipervillan @staffyangel Well that sounds fab,always wanted to visit The Hague. I have to go to bed now pals but keep the pics coming of you have time,it's so nice,thank you. xx Catch you tomorrow pals., night night. xxxx
  • RT @SantasCat: This moronic & poor excuse of a Prime Minister (Boris) does not represent me. He walks around trying to look like Churchill…
  • @Brici161 @Buddythereddog @Palmolive_S_Pan @WalkandWatch @NorahNell @GroverTdog @fairhope71 @tweetypie54 @DaisyTheDog2 @3coolkatz @parham1961 @LilyLuWhoT @tc1242000 @dame_agnes @AngelSaylor0517 @3phibotticelli @PeaceCritterz @gigglingr @jschwartz71 @cagans76 @torrytonks @peemail @AnneTow97334829 @Bea_Bells @MoetBlindCat @yoshineale @StimpyDixie @LittleMaineCoon @JeffyTheCat @SassyCassyCat @WylieSheltie @DavidWilding271 @timhoyt14 @noirkittymews @luvpug25 @iggiesrule89 @ToddyFur @7trekky @bunniemommie @casalindi @vipervillan @staffyangel Hahaha! Good thinking. I love the look of your afternoon tea,it's better than cucumber sandwiches & sponge cake. Had a look at your pics,you've been to some gorgeous places by the look of it. Where are you tomorrow?
  • @Brici161 @Buddythereddog @Palmolive_S_Pan @WalkandWatch @NorahNell @GroverTdog @fairhope71 @tweetypie54 @DaisyTheDog2 @3coolkatz @parham1961 @LilyLuWhoT @tc1242000 @dame_agnes @AngelSaylor0517 @3phibotticelli @PeaceCritterz @gigglingr @jschwartz71 @cagans76 @torrytonks @peemail @AnneTow97334829 @Bea_Bells @MoetBlindCat @yoshineale @StimpyDixie @LittleMaineCoon @JeffyTheCat @SassyCassyCat @WylieSheltie @DavidWilding271 @timhoyt14 @noirkittymews @luvpug25 @iggiesrule89 @ToddyFur @7trekky @bunniemommie @casalindi @vipervillan @staffyangel Oh WOW!! They look wonderful. I'm loving the lumps of chocolate in that. Will you be able to fit in the seat on the plane home? hehehe!
  • @Brici161 @Buddythereddog @Palmolive_S_Pan @WalkandWatch @NorahNell @GroverTdog @fairhope71 @tweetypie54 @DaisyTheDog2 @3coolkatz @parham1961 @LilyLuWhoT @tc1242000 @dame_agnes @AngelSaylor0517 @3phibotticelli @PeaceCritterz @gigglingr @jschwartz71 @cagans76 @torrytonks @peemail @AnneTow97334829 @Bea_Bells @MoetBlindCat @yoshineale @StimpyDixie @LittleMaineCoon @JeffyTheCat @SassyCassyCat @WylieSheltie @DavidWilding271 @timhoyt14 @noirkittymews @luvpug25 @iggiesrule89 @ToddyFur @7trekky @bunniemommie @casalindi @vipervillan @staffyangel Oh I look forward to eating them with you. Do let us see some more of your meals. It's so exciting & I don't consume any calories at al. hahaha!

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