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  • Bleeding Out: New book out today on evidence-based analyses of urban violence and how to reduce it, by my colleague Thomas Abt.
  • Another day, another op-ed by a Harvard prof criticizing the university’s infantilizing its students, in this case by indulging their unanalyzed feelings. Ron Sullivan: Why Harvard Was Wrong to Make Me Step Down
  • Opinion | Harvard’s infantilizing private club policy is part of a bigger agenda: By my colleague, the computer scientist and former Harvard College Dean Harry Lewis.
  • RT @DilemmaPodcast: ANNOUNCING SEASON 1 of DILEMMA! Hosted by @coldxman and @jay_shapiro Incredible guests like: @seanmcarroll @sapinker…
  • Harvard Gazette is asking faculty "What is one thing wrong with the world that you would change?" Here's my answer. Harvard Professor Steven Pinker says the truth lies in the data via @Harvard

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