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  • Congrats to Esther Dufour, Abhijit Bannerji, & Michael Kremer for wining the Nobel in economics for work on reducing extreme poverty. via @Harvard
  • Two milestones in 2019: The world has became mostly rich and largely old via @BrookingsInst
  • Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who helped end standoff with Eritrea
  • Unlike past anti-scientism rants in lit/cult/pol mags, this is in Nature. Why? Sci eds often outsource commentary on sci & soc to the clique of historians of sci, who historicize everything & hate sci's claim to objectivity & realism. @Evolutionistrue
  • Jerry Coyne @evolutionistrue dismembers the latest essay in the genre that inspired me to write Enlightenment Now: The deeply muddled diatribe against "scientism" (and usually, Enlightenment values). via @Evolutionistrue

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