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  • RT @SherylNYT: How tough is Fiona Hill? When she was 11, a boy in her class set her pigtail on fire while she was taking a test. She put ou…
  • RT @jadabird: This is what happens when you wait till the last minute to rent a car during #DemDebates and this is all that’s left in #atla…
  • RT @carolynryan: Tomorrow’s ⁦@nytimes⁩ front page. h/t ⁦@nytstevek⁩
  • RT @nytimes: What does it mean to be “canceled” in high school? For teens, it can be a joke — or a label that haunts them for years.
  • After we broke this news last night I spoke to one of the victims, how does this feel? Does it give you closure? I asked. In a sense, yes, he said. Then he went on. "But still never know what is like to have lived an unmolested life."

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