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  • “Every Republican senator who matters has Chris' cell phone number," one GOP operative said. "Senators didn't call Wayne...They called Chris."
  • The NRA accused Cox, its chief lobbyist, of trying to overthrow NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre. Board members were stunned. Political staffers were infuriated. Some started packing up their desks.
  • When the NRA sidelined Chris Cox — the guy behind its political and legislative efforts — that’s when people really started to worry. A look inside the last few months of turmoil at the NRA w/ @Phil_Mattingly
  • RT @CNNPolitics: Floundering NRA struggles to maintain its 2016 influence in the 2020 race
  • RT @CNN: Are you an immigrant? Have you felt forced recently to change your behavior, or take new precautions? We’d like to hear from you…

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