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  • It's always fun to see infant gorillas play, but when two giant males play it's truly astonishing! Dominant silverback Gicurasi and blackback Imfura engaging in some friendly play. (📸:Cedric Ujeneza)
  • A day in the office at our field site in Nkuba in Congo: training the new biodiversity team to do vegetation studies with the help of Congolese experts. (📸: Yntze van der Hoek)
  • RT @MiaAmber24: Check out our new paper on the worrying lack of regeneration in a key gorilla habitat & food plant (Hagenia) in the Volcano…
  • Who doesn't love to play in the mud?! Infant Macibiri is getting down and dirty playing in the mud. Macibiri is one of our symbolic gorilla adoptions and you can learn more about her by adopting here: (🎥: Gudula Nyirandayambaje)
  • We were extremely surprised to recently see elderly female Mukecuru in Musilikale's group. Musilikale is one of the most successful males as there are 10 females in his group of 21 gorillas. In this photo Mukecuru hides in the bushes while young silverback Icumbi shows off.

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