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  • Using #clojure #REBL with #atom and #chlorine? Browse Javadocs in REBL from Atom with ctrl-; j on a class name in your code!
  • Excellent interview with @stuarthalloway by @JacekSchae about minimalism and focus in your #clojure development environment and processes
  • @pesterhazy @Snorremd Yes, I use Atom/Chlorine and Socket REPLs for all my work.
  • @jgomo3 @Snorremd I think it's much more true of Leiningen (than Emacs/CIDER) but it was the only game in town for many years. I switched to Boot in 2015 and to CLI/deps.edn last year. I almost never have to say `lein ...` these days tho'...
  • @Snorremd I'm curious as to which projects you've run into this with? I haven't used Emacs/CIDER for years and haven't noticed it as an assumption in any projects. I don't use nREPL either (also not a problem).

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