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  • 19. If you are starving for food but have no water, as tempting as it would be DON'T eat it.
  • 16. Know the rule of 3s! You can survive... 3 min without oxygen 3 hrs without shelter 3 days without water 3 weeks without food 17. If someone's pointing a gun at you, look them in the eyes 18. If you get caught in a riptide swim parallel to it, not against it
  • 14. Burned your tongue? Put sugar on it 15. If you have to clean up vomit, put ground coffee on it first, and then you can sweep it up easily. The coffee takes away the smell and dehydrates the vomit.
  • 11. If you want smoother nail polish put it in the fridge 15 min before 12. Do you have a headache? Cut a lemon in half and rub it on your forehead. The pain should go in a matter of time 13. Turn the shower on cold 2 min before you get out. I can prevent acne and help your hair
  • 9. If you have a runny nose push your tongue to the top of your mouth and push a finger in between your eyebrows for 20 sec 10. If you think someone is looking at you YAWN, if they yawn after they were looking at you!

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