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  • A great Father’s Day Read courtesy of @ICONMANN Happy Father’s Day to all the iconic fathers. #FathersDay2019 #writingmywrong @BMeCommunity
  • WATCH + SHARE #LoveLetters a Google-initiated digital campaign produced by Ebony Underwood of @We_GotUsNow that displays beautiful and courageous children openly sharing their love for their Dads behind bars this #FathersDay. #WeGotUsNow
  • RT @AntiRecidivism: Thank you to our community for your patience, support, and partnership in this transition—and we look forward to provid…
  • RT @AntiRecidivism: Shaka launched ARC Creatives, a program that will continue to grow as an engine for cultural change in the criminal jus…
  • RT @AntiRecidivism: As we celebrate Sam's promotion, we want to thank outgoing ED @ShakaSenghor for his great contributions to the ARC comm…

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