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  • Love is lacking leaders, and leaders are lacking love. 💔 Al amor le faltan líderes y a los lideres les falta amor. 💔 #ActForTheAmazon
  • 💍 Shakira loves to explore different styles, and then mix them together to create her own one. Visit Pandora and rediscover who you are. 💍 Shakira ama explorar estilos y luego mezclarlos para crear el suyo. Visita Pandora y redescúbrete.
  • Today in 2010, Shakira shot her video for "Loca". The video was originally scheduled to be recorded on set, but at last moment, Shakira decided to record it more spontaneously in Barcelona, ​​using the hand-held camera technique. Revisit it here!
  • Visita las tiendas Pandora en Norteamérica y Latinoamérica y tómate una foto con Shakira. Compártela en Instagram con la etiqueta #ShareTheLovePANDORA y Pandora donará $1 a @fpiesdescalzos por cada publicación. 📸💕
  • Visit Pandora stores in North America & Latin America, and take a photo with Shakira. Post it on Instagram using the tag #ShareTheLovePANDORA and Pandora will donate $1 to Shak's Barefoot Foundation per each post. 📸💕

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