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  • @ndtv mind your language.. For Rohitaash she is using language like 'USKE bare mai' rather than 'UNKE bare mai'.... Either learn hindi ya angrez hi bane raho...
  • #pvr #pvrupdates fed up of ad breaks during interval, not even trailers... The situation had become worse.. Guess easily 7 minutes so far... Knock knock
  • Excerpts – Changing Company Culture
  • #agile A #product model is where in a single forum: Business says this is important, Regulator says nothing important than this, Marketing says urgently need this, Tech says need to sort out debt. And in the end there is a consensus till they meet next time shortly...
  • @I_Am_Gurgaon croud sourcing of violations reporting. Can this be considered for creating challans and i get a x % for reporting

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