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  • Working on MMFA Mitacs project with such a wonderful group of researchers and colleagues was the best experience of my life. Thanks everyone for those amazing 3 months! @sarah_ek_smith @KatieMarieMcN @MitacsCanada
  • “Museum’s rose with empires, but did not fall with them.”
  • RT @nacdiplomacyi: An upcoming event in April hosted by @munkschool 'Culture Diplomacy: The Case of the EU' sounds fascinating! More info h…
  • Yesterday’s Nacdi panel “Cultural Diplomacy as Practice and Policy” brought together Prof. Cesár Villanueva, Dr. Lynda Jessup, Eric Fillion and Hannah Burgé Luviano. Such an inspiring discussion which sparked a deep and transdisciplinary conversation! @Hannah_Burge @Tenzier
  • Yesterday’s Nacdi event “National Images, Culture and Diplomacy: The Case of Mexico” was truly inspiring. It was a privilege listening to Prof. César Villanueva Rivas talking about the global perceptions and Mexico’s image in the world.

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