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  • @marcbretter team player
  • RT @MrGeorgeWallace: So sick of the hate. So sick of the body count. And our sorry ass excuse for a leader is out there teasin' violence. I…
  • RT @KatTimpf: Any Republican justifying Trump’s emergency declaration over the wall can’t complain when a Democrat president uses it to tak…
  • Can trump & his admin just abstain for 1 day? For 1 day, I don’t want to hear his fucking name or his embarrassing half truths he declares as facts. For 1 day I would love for him to have violent diarrhea & have someone from his staff hide his cell phone. Is that too much to ask?
  • RT @Bakari_Sellers: I need Twitter therapy. At this point i feel embarrassed for them. Are my emotions normal. What should I do? https://t.…

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