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  • flash returns on #DominicanRepublic #survey questions at - vote - would you go?
  • Missed my @SXMPOTUS @SIRIUSXM interview with former Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis @FrankDiane72 - listen here:
  • My naive question - What does this actually mean? We've sanctioned Iran so many times I can't imagine what is left to sanction. via @usatoday
  • Welcoming former Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis @FrankDiane72 on his new book "They Call Me Mr. De" - have to ask him about this: Columbine High School Could Be Torn Down to Deter Copycats
  • Re: @realDonaldTrump @VP & @NikkiHaley - Andrew Stein must follow me on twitter:

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