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  • ENCORE AUDIO: Seth Avett with me today @SXMPOTUS @SiriusXM on New @theavettbros Album "Closer Than Together"
  • ENCORE - Seth Avett of @theavettbros joins me next @SXMPOTUS @SIRIUSXM to talk about their new album - details here:
  • In his new essay for titled "The Path to Recreating the American Dream," Mike discusses how U.S. citizens need to take back control of the American Dream, its ideals and the new opportunities that come with it. Read more:
  • ENCORE @SXMPOTUS listeners: Re: @washingtonpost Whistleblower story: Do you agree with Phil Mudd that “Congress should not be asking the intel guys to snitch on the President”? vote at
  • In her new essay for titled "Diplomas for Sale," Denise discusses the recent college admissions scandals and how they are endangering the traditional higher education system in the U.S. Read more:

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