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  • Hey furiends! I’m lying on mom and purring right now so she’ll pet me and maybe give me a treat! Happy #TunaTuesday!😺
  • My followers live in USA (53%), UK.(19%)... Get your map:
  • RT @Blutospin: git outta here dude! sit on da sydewalk! #poorPops 👊👴 @ZombieSquadHQ @GregariousGus @Mygreatredmare @3coolkatz @irisesther54…
  • Hey efurryone, please sign this petition! Thanks!
  • @timhoyt14 @3coolkatz @Blutospin @GereenJ @LuckyDaPuppyCat @TheRealOtisFuzz @RudigerTheCat @livingroomlions @budgeco @moothemousecat @KittyHavenNY @MoetBlindCat @lathomas_lynne @MissPurrfect23 @Curly_Eared_Cat Hi Bunnie! *smooches*😽😽😽

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