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  • #smashemsixers @SixersBBL
  • 26 mins into the game and already more INCONSISTENT reffing !! So it’s the fucking SAME hand ball but now we have a player down and a goal against us !! 🤬🖕🏼 #MCYvNEW #ALeague #MadeOfNewcastle @NewcastleJetsFC @ALeague
  • FUCK ME !! The REF tonight at the JETSvROAR game was bloody atrocious 🤬 fucking inconsistent 🤬 he shouldn’t be reffing my nephews under 12 side !!! @ALeague @FFA #NeedsToBeDropped !! @NewcastleJetsFC #NEWvBRI
  • @TanyaWilks my 6 yr old daughter loves watching kids on YouTube. Doesn’t watch Ryan but loves watching other girls play with L.O.L dolls & LEGO !!! #TripleM
  • Why are @DJPaulyD @JENNIWOWW the only ones who drive the cars on @JerseyShore ?? #LoveTheShow #WatchingFromAus #LovedItBackInTheDay #SoGladItsBack ! 🇮🇹 🇦🇺 🥊

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