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  • F&$@!!!!!’ Told y’all...I never believed in Alroldis Chapman. What in the HELL are you getting cute for, throwing back-to-back 84 mph sliders? For what????? They can’t hit his gas. Chapman got cute, period. Horrible pitching selection. Over in 6...just like I knew it would be.
  • That called 3rd strike just now vs the @Yankees Brett Gardner was straight B.S. that was not a damn strike. I know the @astros are the better team and it’s gonna take a miracle to win this, but damn......they don’t need more help like shit.#BullS&$@
  • I asked @RobertIger if it's important to be the smartest guy in the room.
  • The great @RobertIger joined my show to talk about his newest book, "The Ride of a Lifetime."
  • I think the Pelicans should be very very concerned about Zion's injury.

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