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  • Proud to be an HBCU graduate! Calling ALL HBCUs to participate in Career Fair at @hbcuweek. Students will participate in an, “on the spot” acceptance process whereby, if they come with copies of requisite ACT/SAT score + transcript they could be admitted into college on the spot.
  • Guess who’s subbing for @MollyQerim today, filling in as Host on @FirstTake this morning: the WONDERFUL @ROSGO21. Tune in at the top of the hour. And YES! We’re finally back in ESPN for the full 2 hours
  • RT @Asmooth718: Amazing interview on @YESNetwork with @stephenasmith and @RealMichaelKay 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • True! But I’m working on it :-)
  • RT @Cosmo_Con: @FirstTake @OmariHardwick @stephenasmith @maxkellerman @MollyQerim Power The Final Season bout to be Epic!!!! August 25th 20…

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