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  • Thanks I see a crew fixing it as I type!
  • Why @comcastcares after 4 phone calls, over 2+ months, broken promises, and a tech visit, is this mess still sitting here? I’m sure we are all seeing service degradation or about to... please I beg you fix this!!!
  • Checkout the latest. @Oracle partnering with @origin_trail this is smart move on both sides. Real world usecase and strong validation of blockchain.
  • RT @SirThomas11_11: Oracle Employee comments on #Tron and #Oracle meeting. Great Work ⁦@justinsuntron⁩ ⁦@Tronfoundation⁩ this is very excit…
  • @w0lfingit @AMunkviken @NathanielATL @nar__66 @MidhavVR Hope you and your loved ones are all doing well. Let us know if you need anything.

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