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  • Any geniuses out there explain why I can't pair my Sony WH-1000XM3 earphones with my MacBook? No troubles on Windows, Android, iOS. Seems like it should be easy but no dice, not seeing it on devices list.
  • The Galaxy Fold is BAAAACK. From @Batteryhq
  • RT @BBCEarth: Squad goals 🙌 #AnimalsBabies
  • My techno-clever pal who built an LED menorah 2 years ago now has an LED snowflake. It's got an on button + remote for easy use, but it's also Arduino-compatible & programmable. In a world of sealed-chassis products, we need more naked circuit boards.
  • RT @SwiftOnSecurity: NEW: Google is commercializing the Safe Browsing API, with a target restriction at “money-generating purposes.” Free u…

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