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  • @depressionnote Another bullet point to add would be: • can’t relate to humans If I’m ever out in public, I don’t make eye contact, I ignore those around me & I don’t respond to my name being called. I just simply don’t turn around. I have to quickly go back to my retreat.
  • @Auth_101 @depressionnote Again, I appreciate you so much. All I ask from you is to keep being kind to others. The world needs more people like you. As for me, I can’t wait to earn my wings and sing with the angels. I promise you will see me smile when you look up. 👼
  • @Auth_101 @depressionnote That’s sweet of you to care. Really, I appreciate your time & your words. But in all honesty, some of us just don’t want to be helped. We look forward to the blissful ending to our story that awaits us. We have truly accepted our fate and we’re ok with it. :)
  • @depressionnote If you’re the one actually suffering, who is willing to go to great lengths to do all the above for you - nobody! Hence, we just suffer in silence and get eaten up from the inside out by our demons.
  • @depressionnote This is why I prefer to be in isolation, so I don’t have to waste energy in pretending. Avoiding social situations is a must for me. I can just let the darkness swallow me and be authentically myself.

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