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  • Based on lots of feedback we updated the manual claiming policy today. To learn more:
  • Really enjoyed spending time with @AlfieDeyes, while visiting the UK to chat about @YouTube mission and goals. Thanks for so many great questions, and congratulations on 10 years on YouTube!
  • Grant Thompson fostered a culture of exploration and curiosity. His death is a loss felt by our whole community. I join his fans in sending love & support to his family & friends. To honor Grant’s legacy, TKOR is collecting donations to Outward Bound:
  • Thanks @itsDanBull for the time and feedback. We are working hard to communicate more openly and frequently with creators. We post relevant updates in Creator Studio, on social, help center and also our Creator Insider channel @YouTube. We will keep working to communicate more!
  • Congrats @AlfieDeyes on 10 years on YouTube! 🎉 So glad I could celebrate with you doing a video interview. Looking forward to seeing the video and how your channel continues to grow!

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