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  • @AlbertFuchs @rachsyme Hotel here really manages to quite paradoxically hit both my claustrophobia AND my agoraphobia
  • @AlbertFuchs @rachsyme It was altitude sickness and I shoulda just texted you. I’m in Santa Fe, short of breath. But Rachel’s parents don’t have my medical history like you (meaning that I’m neurotic)
  • I deleted my altitude tweet because a) you were all freaking me out (not your fault!); b) the wonderful @rachsyme came in with real-world advice from her NM-based doctor parents and I love her for it. Twitter is terrible and wonderful.
  • @SamuelAAdams @gabrielroth suffering is FINE. Who is not suffering? Transience, though.
  • @HeyNell Ellen how long have you known me. I haven't left bed!

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