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  • Just trying to get my seat at the bar.... @latelateshow thank you for having me 🙏🏽 #mylastnight
  • @AmericanAir Replied :)
  • @AmericanAir please help find my luggage (one golf club)? It’s at LAX and was when I landed last night but they “couldn’t find it upstairs”. I shoot here in LA in two hours and I’ve called as many people as possible and no help. Waited at LAX 90 mins last night and nothing. 🙏🏽
  • @flyLAXairport 😭 flew to LA last night to shoot something this afternoon and my club came on the same flight and apparently is “somewhere in oversized but they can’t find it”. Wait at the airport for 90mins. Get sent home. Need that club...:/ any help? Start shooting at 12:45pm
  • @barstoolsports Such a bro moment 😂 convo after: “you good?” “We good” “cool”

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