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  • ❤️❤️❤️ to Devan, whose personal essays and makeup tutorials made Rookie a better and more beautiful place. Please donate if you can ❤️
  • Psssst get yourself @ncmmorris’s new pamphlet of poems - beautiful company for solitude. I love feeling alone together with this voice 💙🌿🌙
  • I guess my point is... I share Naomi’s pain, and I ought to get creative and look into platforms I don’t despise as much as twitter and IG The web is SO VAST, this shouldn’t be impossible! QUESTION: what do you use outside of twitter and do you like it Love, Mom
  • And they ARE hostile - it takes a lot of mindfulness/deliberation to make IG and twitter useful tools/communities/places of expression since they are built primarily to make engagement as high as possible, collect data for big tech, sell us things, and make us into salespeople
  • Actually, even last year, the majority of rookie traffic came directly to the site, not thru social media So lots of people still want longform & to read the internet not thru Twitter/IG But it’s hard to know how to reach them & how to build a network outside of these platforms

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