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  • As we grow older, we’re more susceptible to cancer, lung disease, and Alzheimer’s. A 21st-century approach is needed to predict and prevent serious illnesses. (sponsored by @Amgen)
  • The mere idea of a deepfake is enough to accelerate the unraveling of an already precarious situation—even if there is no deepfake.
  • New ways to measure wellbeing and happiness levels could help to inform national policies.
  • How do you move your new data science initiative past the pilot phase? SAS’s @oschabenberger weighs in on how to overcome initial challenges: (sponsored by @sassoftware)
  • To build the cybersecurity workforce of the future, (ISC)2 sets the bar with certifications and advocacy to keep up with the global demand to safeguard sensitive data. (Sponsored by @ISC2)

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