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  • Very excited to have Season 3 of #TheTEDInterview underway. First up is the extraordinarily eloquent (and funny!) psychologist Dan Gilbert... on synthetic happiness, the super-weird cognitive biases we have, and much more.
  • Plastic waste is a horrifying problem that demands truly ambitious thinking if it's to be solved. Andrew Forrest's plan is as ambitious as they come.
  • This is a spectacular book. @patmitchell is courageous, eloquent, searingly honest, and - yes - dangerous. That is, if you don't want your world view to ever be challenged. I've been so lucky to work with her.
  • A stunning new TED-Ed video features 3D animation and genius narration to get kids (of all ages) excited about coding. Watch 10 seconds and you'll be hooked. Pls share
  • Such an amazing, inspiring event. Still time for you to catch Queen. And 60k+ people dreaming of a better world.

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