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  • “I haven’t read a lot of scripts that talk about [rape] the way we do.” The “Unbelievable” star Kaitlyn Dever and the Netflix series’ creators talk with @shirklesxp about making an unvarnished drama about sexual assault:
  • “The Goldfinch” is like a museum piece, @davidlsims writes: a stately and handsome-looking thing that’s utterly lacking in momentum.
  • Like the “Magic Mike” films and a recent documentary about black male dancers, “Hustlers” frames its characters’ friendships as necessary to their economic and emotional survival, @ethiopienne writes.
  • Protests in Hong Kong have demonstrated the enduring appeal of American values and power. But can Washington live up to that promise? @TMclaughlin3 and @UriLF report:
  • "While the [Supreme] Court has not granted relief each time it has been sought, the government has gotten much of what it wants in high-profile cases like the 'travel ban' the transgender military service ban, and the asylum rule," argues @Profepps:

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