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  • Congratulations to my winner Steven and my #GameofGames app winners! Now here’s something else new – a brand new episode of #SplittingUpTogether on ABC!
  • Steven may have won only $2,500, but Mylan W. and Timothy B. won $5,000 each playing my #GameofGames app! And next week you could too! Thanks for watching and playing!
  • Okay, West Coast! It’s your turn to play #GameofGames! Grab your apps and get ready for your chance to win 5K!
  • You saw them play their games. Who do you think will #KnoworGo? #GameofGames
  • Nichole, here are some funny F words I would have accepted: Farfegnugen, fluffernutter, flopsy, and of course, floozy. #DontLeaveMeHanging #GameofGames

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