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  • "Rather than each country fighting its own battle, the @IPAWorldorg could lead by issuing a strong statement of principle on curbing sponsorship from manufacturers of #breastmilk substitutes." - new Comment by Waterston & Wright on this week's cover
  • Elimination threshold for #cervicalcancer would be achievable as an average rate in high income countries by the end of the century, but would not necessarily apply to all low income countries - new modelling study in @TheLancetOncol
  • New #Ebola seminar: the latest research on virology, epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, management, prevention, long-term sequelae and disease control
  • Widespread coverage of #HPV vaccination & cervical screening has the potential to eliminate #cervicalcancer in most countries by the end of the century - new modelling study in @TheLancetOncol
  • "Epilepsy must become a global health priority, and there lies an immediate imperative to maximise the quality of life for people with epilepsy until it is curable" - editorial and seminar on #epilepsy in this week's issue

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