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  • @BaronCorbinWWE @WWERomanReigns I hear you, King 👑. I know from experience, that you’re a rough & tough dude who’s not to be messed with. And I’m no psychic but I’m quite sure these words are gonna get you fuuucked up tonight. #smackdown
  • Yes that was built many years ago. It’s called my bedroom. Way too much cheese on that pizza, I’ll show myself out now. Thank you 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Very cool man, thank you. Amazing detail. This project has been with me for over 10yrs🖤⚡️ Production begins this July. Appreciate the support. #blackadam #dc
  • #flashbackfriday to that special time when I was a 15yr old punk kid, 6’4, barely 200lbs, creepy mustache and forced to leave Hawai’i to live in Nashville, TN - where I just enrolled in a new high school - and…
  • @clayhoschouer @SheaSerrano Yup, read this last week. Great stuff. Mahalo Shea 🤙🏾 and the answer is hell to the yes

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