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  • “Kidnapping my 4-month-old baby, to have a different family raise him? May God open that president’s eyes.” She hoped for a better life for her son in the U.S. The Trump administration took him away at the border. The family's story on #TheWeeklyNYT now on @FXNetworks.
  • Russian operatives tried to inflame political divisions to disrupt the 2016 U.S. election. They were working from a longstanding playbook — so how did many Americans miss it? Watch #TheWeeklyNYT on @FXNetworks tonight and @hulu anytime.
  • ICYMI: By the time he was reunited with his family, the youngest known child separated by the Trump administration had lived more than half his life with a foster family and didn't recognize his parents. Tonight on #TheWeeklyNYT on @fxnetworks and @hulu.
  • Russia’s campaign to influence the 2016 U.S. election came as a shock to many. It shouldn’t have. Moscow created the blueprint for the attack nearly a decade earlier in Estonia. But few in the U.S. paid attention. Watch #TheWeeklyNYT now on @FXNetworks.
  • ICYMI: The youngest known child taken from his parents at the U.S.-Mexico border was only 4 months old. Meet him and his family on #TheWeeklyNYT tomorrow on @fxnetworks or watch now on @hulu.

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