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  • @nikkinegron hi Nikki— I’m a reporter for Fox5. Could you DM me? Want to see if we could talk to you today. Thx!
  • @chrisconte Well hi there!!
  • @AndyBorstUofI Hi Andy-- I'm a national reporter with Scripps TV stations around the country. Could you shoot me a DM? Doing a story this week on the practice of giving up guardianship... thanks!
  • One of at least three vigils happening tonight in El Paso... this at Houston Park.
  • Manuel Oliver—now an artist and activist—lost his son Joaquin at Parkland. Today would have been Joaquin’s 19th bday. Manuel was already in El Paso creating this mural. Now he says the message will take on a new meaning. Unveiling tonight at 7.

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