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  • @PeterGeigerFA hi Peter! I’m a reporter at WNYW Fox5 in NY. We are doing a fun story on the “end of the decade”.. could you DM me tonight if you’re around? Thanks!
  • @StarryEyeGuy hi Geoff! I’m a reporter at WNYW FOX5 in NY. We are doing a fun story on the “official” start of the new decade. Are you available to chat? Can you DM me? Thanks!
  • @KaylaMamelak You’re the sweetest
  • @StevenFulop Hi Mr Mayor— Chris with Fox5..... are you saying the market was targeted because it’s a Kosher market? Want to clarify since earlier officials had said this was not believed to be a hate crime. Thanks.
  • RT @StevenLacy: Officer Joe Seals is Jersey City Police Officer killed today on-duty. Father of 5. On #JCPD force since 2006. #Fox5NY

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