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  • More positive reinforcement of my decision to stay home from Burningman this year. Adult beverages with my best friend. After she helped me with the most serious "adulting" of my life.…
  • A beer. A meal. And paper based time travel. Omni magazine. April 1980. "A personal computer that knows your National Park Trail!"
  • This is a teddy bear astronaut. He is not a *real* astronaut. Because real astronauts know better than to cut holes in their helmets for their ears. This Teddy died of Explosive…
  • @MaythaAlhassen @plutokiller If you try and stand up. And the quake slams you back down. And you try again and hit the ground harder. Then your fridge dances by... #BigBearLanders
  • RT @plutokiller: How to read an earthquake, 101: short sharp jolt: nearby, small. slow continuous rollers: far away, big. sharp continuous…

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