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  • New Two Of These People Are Lying! This week, @garybrannan, Chris and @MattGrayYES take on Evangelina Psarra and the Green Monster in "Not Even A Real Abbot":
  • New video! The self-driving race car: (thanks to everyone at @roborace!)
  • I wonder if, in hindsight, the last decade will be seen as this weird aberration where you held on to old friends for far longer than is healthy, and where it was somehow normal to see who else was going to a party before you decided whether to turn up or not.
  • Facebook's reached the opposite of critical mass in most of my social circles. If you post something, you can't expect people will see it. Invites go unread. The trouble is there's still no good substitute for organising social stuff. Events are the one thing Facebook got right.
  • @Evan_Hadfield It was well-covered by every major media outlet in Britain! A part of the fatberg sat in the Museum of London for a while, too.

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