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  • To anyone who has ever bought a ticket to my shows, shared my videos with family, friends and followers. To anyone that has purchased my comedy specials and/or album. To anyone who has bought merchandise from me in person or online. To every Patron on my patreon. THANK YOU😢
  • Shows like “Sons Of Anarchy” & “Mayans” are just pure fantasy. They be havin FULL shootouts with casualties and explosions with ZERO police investigations, no police called. Nothin. They just go and drink beers after, arms out.
  • Got one question, does “Gears Of War 5” have Horde mode on live?
  • Man if they released “Goldeneye” that was on Super Nintendo TODAY on Xbox or Playstation i would buy it QUICK! Even with the exact same graphics. That game was LIFE.
  • In trouble. Video by @romanoodlesss

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