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  • RT @deepinmyknee: Ellen Degeneres: “She defines the word superstar” (2003)
  • RT @deepinmyknee: Keri Hilson: “She really isn’t the puppet that people make her out to be. She has an opinion and she’s a very, very brigh…
  • RT @deepinmyknee: Lady Gaga: “Britney taught me how to be fearless, she taught us all how to be fearless. She’s a pop music legend and the…
  • RT @deepinmyknee: Celebrities talking about Britney Spears - A THREAD ✨
  • RT @deepinmyknee: Charli XCX: “My favourite Britney song of all time... either Break the Ice or Get Naked, both on Blackout. Which is the b…

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