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  • @TheBritneyArmy @britneyspears Always beautiful Britney 😍💛🌻
  • @TheBritneyArmy @britneyspears Trip To Your Heart 💓 #Underrated Baby I can't believe you were sent to me Like a postcard from a memory Your body feels like a fantasy This moment all that I can see 💘
  • RT @GodneyIsBritney: britney set the bar so high and today's pop girls fail to rise to it
  • @TheBritneyArmy @britneyspears Oh hell yes!!! I'm obsessed with #MyPrerogative 😍💘
  • RT @KaceyMusgraves: Late night thought: I love @britneyspears and she didn’t deserve all that bullshit she went through. That’s all.

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