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  • RT @karentravers: This paragraph from @PhilipRucker @costareports @rachaelmbade...
  • Trump’s dealings w Ukraine, including a secret whistleblower complaint, are an explosive new issue in the presidential race, and the weekend offered a preview of what a Trump v Biden face off could entail.
  • RT @RadioFreeTom: I have never made the case for impeaching Trump, despite my belief that he has long merited impeachment. Until now. Telli…
  • Progressives. Coalescing. Warren supported by 48% of Dems who say they are ‘very liberal,’ 32% who caucused for Sanders in ‘16, and for first time edges Sanders with voters under 35.
  • RT @sahilkapur: Key trend in the Iowa Poll: Since March 2019, Elizabeth Warren’s net favorable rating among Democrats has risen by 15 poin…

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