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  • We’ve also updated our Help Center article on third-party apps and permissioning with more details.
  • You may receive requests to reauthorize apps affected by this change. You can always see what apps you have authorized, what they are able to do, and revoke access here:
  • Only a small number of apps with “read/write” permissions actually sent DMs. If you authorized one of these apps, it’s possible but unlikely that they sent DMs without your knowledge. That’s no longer possible as a result of this change.
  • This wasn't intuitive for people, so we’re changing app permissions and improving the language to be clearer. Now, only apps you authorize with “read/write and DM” permissions can send DMs for you.
  • Authorizing an app can give it permission to take actions on Twitter on your behalf, like posting Tweets or sending DMs. Until today, apps with "read/write" permissions could send DMs for you (but not read or receive DMs).

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