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  • This man is AMAZING!! Not only one of the greatest preachers of our time but also a brilliant writer and thinker. You gotta read this book. It’s blessing my SOUL!! Thank you @BishopJakes! I love your brilliant wisdom. TURN YOUR PRESSURE INTO POWER!!
  • Just finished my 75th sold out show. Thank you to the 31 thousand people of Dallas Fort Worth for all the love. 56 more shows to go on Madea's Farewell Tour!! THANK YOU GOD!!! #MadeasFarewellTour
  • If Loving You Is Wrong is moving to Tuesday nights at 10/9c. Don’t forget! #IfLovingYouIsWrong
  • If you wanna see a glimpse of Tyler Perry Studios check this out. @TPstudios
  • SO glad this story is being told. #BestofEnemies is in theaters April 5th.

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