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  • @TinyIconoclast Hi there! The next available points redemption amount would be 1450 points which would be $64 off which is above your subtotal so that is why the system is stopping at 1400 points. Send us a DM if you have any additional questions because we're always happy to help 🧡
  • @ellokelsaux Hopefully, see you soon 😘
  • @Mirandasjc23 We understand and we do apologize that this was your experience. We are going to pass this onto the store, so we can improve service and make sure this does not happen again.
  • @Mirandasjc23 Hi Jess, we stand for inclusivity. We want our stores to be a welcoming environment for every one of our guests. We recognize that was not your experience. We are continuing to reinforce our policies and trainings surrounding inclusivity with all of our store teams.
  • @jessicakuz We're so happy to hear this! 🧡

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