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  • "No matter what the situation looks like, we must serve the people & their communities with respect," says Hiroko Hirahara, one of the many brave women #ServingForPeace with @unmissmedia.
  • Wala Matari is a terrorism survivor from Cameroon. She is one of many people who are rebuilding their lives with support from the UN. 🎧 Listen to her & others talk about #SurvivingTerrorism.
  • More than 4 million Venezuelans have left their homes. @Refugees is calling for greater international support for the host countries & aid agencies working to meet their daily needs:
  • The devastating Ebola epidemic in West Africa resulted in 11,000+ deaths & prompted major changes in how the world responds to health emergencies. Here's what @WHO & partners are doing differently in the current outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Thanks to pumps powered by floating solar panels, 2 million Peruvians are now receiving a steady water supply for their livestock & farms. @UNDP is working to support local actions that contribute to finding global environmental solutions. #ClimateAction

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