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  • Unwanted. Exploited. Abused. Tens of thousands of children are languishing in dire conditions at Al-Hol camp in northeast Syria.
  • When we support children in their earliest years, the benefits ripple through their families, communities and entire societies. #EarlyMomentsMatter #GlobalGoals
  • 10-year-old Ishrafi's school has been under water for days. She's standing next to the only source of clean water in the area. Over the past week, severe rainfall has flooded parts of Bangladesh and upended the lives of around 1 million people. @UNICEFBD
  • RT @unicefchief: Ebola is relentless, so we must be too in stopping its spread – children and families in the region deserve nothing less.
  • RT @unicefchief: This is an emergency. There is a very real risk that the Ebola outbreak could spread to neighboring countries, so the inte…

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