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  • “I like this book a lot because it is in my mother tongue that I don’t want to forget.” - says Mohamed, 13, about the textbook he took on the 5 year long journey from #Afghanistan to #Serbia.→ #AChildIsAChild v/@UNICEF_ECA
  • School brings children together 💙 How did you meet your best friend?
  • 💗 Children around Mexico sent letters of support to children on the move. This is a 15-year-old’s thank you message at a UNICEF-supported shelter in Tijuana, #Mexico. #AChildIsAChild no matter what.
  • #Education shapes the future of every child. Invest in education = invest in life.🌱🌼☀️ #ForEveryChild.
  • RT @GPforEducation: Investing in care and education for children in their #earlyyears improves their well-being and their chances to learn…

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