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  • Raging rivers won't stop health workers from reaching children in India with lifesaving vaccines. #UNICEFWontStop
  • Heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with students, staff and families in the Santa Clarita community. All schools everywhere should be safe places.
  • Mohamed Sidibay was five the day a Sierra Leone militia killed his family and forced him to join their forces. “I didn't have a home ... I didn't have food and I didn't have a family.” Mohamed did have UNICEF. #UNICEFWontsStop
  • #LightTheWorld Giving Machines are back! This holiday season, vending machines from Latter-day Saint Charities in 10 cities will let shoppers purchase UNICEF Inspired Gifts — including basketballs and School-in-a-Box kits — to help the world's children:
  • With UNICEF Market, your purchase not only goes towards UNICEF's work — it also helps artisans build sustainable businesses around the world. Give back for everyone on your holiday list:

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