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  • RT @LukeDCoffey: The YPG is a terrorist organization. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
  • RT @Doranimated: I’m starting to think the US shouldn’t have gotten wasted in Vegas and married the PKK in the chapel next to the bar. Hang…
  • @TheEconomist Turkey's doorsteps blah blah. You dont care to do real journalism, you just smear your bullsh*t on others. Tired of seeing your deliberate misinformation. This guy came to the region from US controlled Iraq, passing through YPG region (a US ally TERRORIST group), care to explain?
  • RT @Doranimated: No, that's not what I am saying. The point is that I know with certainty that the US is harboring Gülen, even after his gr…
  • @bbcturkce Açıklaması gereken ne var? McGurk kendi yanlış ve ahmakça stratejilerinin suçunu başkalarına atacağına artık sorumluluk alsın da en azından utanıp sussun artık yeter. Man up McGurk and take the responsibility your dumb deeds.

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