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  • Awesome!!! Thanks a lot!! See you soon #Wanderful #WITSRiga
  • Yes, because it seems to be a big opportunity to connect and meet everyone!!! :) Looking for it #Wanderful #WITSRiga
  • I would say by e-mail, with a proposal of work, of being connected through social media accounts. #Wanderful #WITSRiga
  • Basically everyone! It is our first time at WITS so we are pretty excited! :) #Wanderful #WITSRiga
  • Our dream partnership it will be with a person that could reach lots of people that love to travel, showing them awesome content and info about the us. "Influence" them to visit Madeira Islands, or at least create curiosity about the destination! #Wanderful #WITSRiga

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